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Fancy a fresh challenge or a change of scenery? We’re here to help you make the most of your career and explore the opportunities available to you. This might involve applying for a promotion, moving to a new department or learning about a different role.  Whatever path you choose, all the information you could need about internal vacancies can be found at My Royal Mail, using the link below.

If an opportunity arises to progress your career at Royal Mail, my advice would be to take it – no matter how big or small it may seem. ”

Peter McDonald Workplace Coach
Recruitment Guide

Are you looking to transfer to a new location or role?

Colleagues are eligible to apply for a transfer provided that they have: Worked for Royal Mail Group continuously for at least 26 weeks at their office location and concluded their trial period. Anyone wishing to transfer internally is responsible for identifying a suitable vacancy and applying for it online. To do this you need to register for job alerts.

Follow the link below to find a step by step guide for registering job alerts


Job Alert Guide

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