Simon Negus

I’ve worked in deliveries my whole career. I’ve delivered mail by van, on foot and even on a bike, and I really enjoy doing a good job and keeping our customers happy. Royal Mail has certainly looked after me along the way, given me a lot of stability and enabled me to make the most of my organisational skills.

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As well as nights out, football matches and the like for colleagues at work, I’ve organised initiatives to raise money for charity – I arranged a skydive for instance, and for a group of us to take part in the national Three Peaks Challenge.

For the last seven years or so I’ve also been a First Aider. I decided to volunteer after I found someone who’d collapsed at a home I was delivering to. I wanted to know exactly what to do if I was ever in that kind of situation again. You definitely feel respected by the company for your skills. And it’s a good feeling to know that if anyone – outside as well as inside Royal Mail – has an accident or a health problem, you could make a positive difference.

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