Hear from my peers

Dave Cunnington

International Operations Director.

I joined Royal Mail Group as a postman during my gap year. But it wasn’t long before I saw the potential of the company and re-joined as an A Level management entrant. I worked my way up quite quickly – people were willing to take a risk with me and promote me into roles that I wasn’t necessary qualified for.  Find Out More

Colin Sharp

Business Development Manager, Wholesale.

Before joining Royal Mail Group in 2013, I was working for myself selling furniture in a very difficult climate.  I took on a part-time position as a postman to supplement my income as my daughter was getting married, but soon realised that the opportunities to progress were far too good to give up.  Find Out More

Jeff Collins

Head of Customer Marketing Communications.

I joined Royal Mail Group straight from school in 1985. Living in Merseyside, the prospect of a secure role as a postal cadet was very tempting in an otherwise bleak environment. And I soon realised the scale of opportunity available to me. With an open-mind and belief in my own abilities, I have jumped at every chance of progression.  Find Out More

Stephen Nugent

Head of Delivery Performance, East of Scotland and Northern Ireland

I didn’t really like being a white van man. So, I spoke to a friend who worked at Royal Mail. I had an interview on the Wednesday, started on the Thursday and was out on my own walk the following Monday.  Find Out More

Angie Bleasdale

Delivery Office Manager

I wanted a job with a well-established and respected company that could provide a pension, a secure wage and some real career opportunities.   Find Out More

Aleta Weir

Quality & Customer Directors

My first role at the Royal Mail Group was Operational Research Consultant. I had just completed my Masters in Operational Research and Royal Mail was one of the few companies that had a substantial, relevant department.   Find Out More

Michelle Harris

Head of Industrial Relation East

I joined Royal Mail Group as I needed some part time work while at University. I started out as a Casual Data Inputter after seeing the advert in my local newspaper.  Find Out More

Ross Hutchison

Delivery Sector Manager

I first worked as a postie for the summer before I started university. After a year on my course I decided that engineering really wasn’t for me and went straight back to being a postie.  Find Out More

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