Angie Bleasdale

I wanted a job with a well-established and respected company that could provide a pension, a secure wage and some real career opportunities. When I first started at the Royal Mail Group I was a part-time post woman. I quickly realised what a fantastic employer they are and took a full-time role. Since then I’ve moved up to Deputy Manager and now I’m the Delivery Office Manager. Becoming a DOM has been the most challenging step for me.

As a Deputy Manager I was surrounded by a network of support so stepping into a more independent role was a real learning curve. But going to Chester mail centre for the eight week Christmas period as a WAM proved to be really helpful while I was growing into my new position. Now I get a real buzz out of helping other people develop.

I gave my first guest speaker speech at Springboard and the feedback I received from all sorts of women was incredible. It really inspired me. The best advice I could give would be to really own your role. Be proactive and set your own goals. Royal Mail has given me some fantastic opportunities and I’ve had some wonderful mentors along the way. The learning process never stops and I’m excited where my future here at Royal Mail will take me.

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