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Being a First Aider at Royal Mail is a great way to learn some new skills, which are recognised both inside and outside of our business.

With safety being the Number One priority at Royal Mail, having enough trained First Aiders is really important to us so that we can keep you and your colleagues as safe as possible whilst you are at work.

First Aid at Work Regulations specify that there should be ‘adequate provision of trained first aiders, equipment and facilities for employees who are injured or become ill at work’.

I’ve been a member of St John’s Ambulance for 39 years, so I like being able to put my First Aid skills to use at work. ”

Hazel Darlington First Aider

How can I become a First Aider?

The number of First Aiders will vary locally dependent on local risks. Therefore please contact your line manager to enquire about becoming a First Aider for your unit.

You can find out more on the Health & Safety Executive’s website using the link at the end of this article.

I was nominated for the Chairman’s Award for Services to First Aid at Royal Mail – that was a feel good moment. ”

Hazel Darlington First Aider

What sort of Training will I get?

To become a First Aider there is a 3 day externally-recognised training course with a test at the end that you must pass to qualify. This often takes place within Royal Mail at a local office, but we sometimes use an external provider to provide training where we cannot complete it ourselves.

  • Following your accreditation it is advised that you complete 1 day refresher training every 12 months, upon agreement with your manager.
  • You must re-qualify every 3 years so as minimum you will have 3 more days training 3 years after you have qualified. At the end of this training you must be tested again and pass to re-qualify and continue being a First Aider.

What’s the day-to-day role like?

  • Day to day responsibilities are minimal, but you and any other First Aiders in your office will need to make sure the first aid kit or kits are checked regularly and kept fully stocked.
  • You will need to be ready to administer first aid at any time during your working hours, and often First Aiders are approached for advice by their colleagues.
  • If you’re in a larger unit with more than one First Aider, your annual leave rota will need to be structured so that there is always a First Aider on shift.

Hear from our first aiders

Anthony Bailey

Delivery OPG and First Aider

I’ve worked in three different offices since I joined, and taken on a variety of roles in the delivery and processing functions as well as on the collection and distribution side of things.  Find Out More

Francis White

Work Area Manager

I'm a first-aider at Mount Pleasant, this is my 28th year. I would urge anyone who's interested in becoming a first-aider in the business, do it.   Find Out More

Simon Negus

Postman and First Aider

I’ve worked in deliveries my whole career. I’ve delivered mail by van, on foot and even on a bike, and I really enjoy doing a good job and keeping our customers happy.   Find Out More

Health & Safety Executive’s website

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