Lionel Kemp

During each two-week period I do two different types of delivery job. One week I deliver parcels, the next I take on a rural postal run. I really enjoy the variety, the hours, and the mix of working in a team first thing in the morning, and then being out on my own delivering mail.

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I’ve had plenty of encouragement to progress and have worked my way up to Manager. So it’s a great feeling to be a Workplace Coach and be able to help other people make the most of all the opportunities that crop up. I saw the role advertised internally and thought it would be an ideal way to put my experience – I joined as a temporary summer casual 21 years ago – to good use.

I haven’t been doing it long, but already I’ve trained several people up on new duties and procedures. It’s made me feel really involved in everything that goes on here and an even more valuable part of the team.

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